What are the uses of air quality monitoring system

What are the uses of air quality monitoring system

Air quality monitoring system greatly reduces the cost of environmental monitoring hardware, using a wide range of points to obtain massive data.


Air quality monitoring system greatly reduces the cost of environmental monitoring hardware, using a wide range of points to obtain massive data, and then the big data model calculation and prediction of environmental air change trend, to achieve early warning, pollution cause analysis, provide governance basis, improve the efficiency of supervision. Macroscopically, the problem of urban air stage control is solved. On the micro level, it solves the problem of low efficiency of environmental regulation and helps understand environmental carrying capacity, which is the core component of urban infrastructure construction. Help to improve the ability of environmental information management, improve the efficiency of environmental supervision, reduce costs; We will help improve our early warning capacity for environmental pollution.

Product Introduction:

The air quality monitoring system is mainly composed of gaseous pollutant detection module, particulate matter detection module, meteorological sensor, wireless communication module, power supply and power management unit, etc. The monitoring factors include CO, SO2, NO2, O3, TVOC, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. It is suitable for urban residential areas, key industrial enterprises and other fixed pollution source area environmental monitoring, road traffic, catering, agricultural production and other unorganized open space environmental monitoring, key pollution source boundary transport monitoring, inter-city pollutant transport channel monitoring, building and other indoor environmental monitoring.

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Product features:

1. Internet of Things function: air quality monitoring station can connect to our server to achieve mobile phone and computer remote monitoring, alarm reminder and alarm value setting, etc.

2, support HJ212 protocol, users can link to the corresponding platform

3, wireless communication: support 2G, 4G wireless communication, data upload

4, on-site calibration: the product can be calibrated on site, without returning to the factory calibration

5, stable algorithm: with data processing algorithm, continuous and stable, CCEP certification

6, industrial grade EMC module, to cope with harsh on-site environment interference;

7, LED display: external LED display, clear display, simple structure, easy to install, strong anti-interference ability

8, imported sensor, long service life, high sensitivity, good consistency, with linear output

9, built-in temperature and humidity compensation algorithm, accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity changes

10, digital, intelligent, modular/high precision, high sensitivity, high resolution, high stability

The monitoring factors can be expanded and combined freely according to customer needs, which is more selective and flexible. 12. Solar cell or municipal power supply ensures the uninterrupted and stable operation of the system.

13, a variety of sensors can be flexibly configured, according to the needs of reasonable collocation

14, modular design of gas detection and particulate detection, convenient maintenance, reduce operation and maintenance workload