• Soil moisture sensor help guide agricultural irrigation

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    In the actual soil moisture detection work, it is found that the traditional detection method is difficult to meet the current situation of different measurement sites or different soil properties. Therefore, more efficient and accurate soil moisture measurement instruments are needed. With the development of science and technology, soil moisture sensor is an important soil detection instrument for measuring soil moisture. At present, the instrument has become an indispensable instrument in the study and measurement of soil moisture content.

  • Application of dissolved oxygen analyzer in aquaculture

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    With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology, intelligent and automated aquaculture has become a development trend of large-scale aquaculture in the future. Collect water quality monitoring data in aquaculture farms through water quality sensors, such as the use of dissolved oxygen analyzer to monitor the dissolved oxygen content in water, and then managers improve aquaculture measures according to the data monitoring data to increase the income of aquaculture.

  • Importance of water quality monitoring for aquaculture

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    The impact of water quality on aquaculture is crucial. Many farmers do not pay enough attention to the water quality monitoring of aquaculture, and farmers can not judge what factors cause water quality problems. At this time, the convenience and benefits of using water quality monitoring station are reflected.

  • Daily maintenance of portable gas detector

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    The portable gas detector is a detection instrument used to detect hypoxia, explosion and other toxic and dangerous conditions and can send out an alarm.

  • What scenes are fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors used in

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    The dissolved oxygen sensor is matched with a waterproof housing to convert the signal of the aqueous solution into a standard 485 signal after digital setting and analysis.

  • Nitrogen oxides in the air

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    Naturally emitted nitrogen oxides mainly come from the decomposition of organic matter in the soil and the ocean, and belong to the natural nitrogen cycle process.

  • Several sensors commonly used in water quality detection

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    In general, the sensor is an important device used by the water quality detector to measure water body data. Correct operation and use can help the inspector obtain more valuable data information.

  • What is a water turbidity sensor

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    Water quality turbidity sensor, also known as turbidity meter. It can test the turbidity of water samples in water supply plants, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and the field.

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