Introduction of rainfall monitoring station

Introduction of rainfall monitoring station

Rainfall monitoring station can be widely used in meteorology, flood control, agriculture, hydrology and water conservancy, environmental protection, highways, airports and ports.


Rainfall monitoring station can be widely used in meteorology, flood control, agriculture, hydrology and water conservancy, environmental protection, highways, airports and ports. It can not only provide original data for meteorological stations (stations), hydrologic stations, agriculture and forestry, national defense, field stations and other relevant departments to measure precipitation, precipitation intensity, precipitation time and other parameters; It can also provide real-time data of reference value for flood control, water supply dispatching, water situation management of power station and reservoir.

Product Introduction:

The rainfall monitoring station of JXCT is a modern rain measuring station based on the Internet of things, which is composed of rainfall sensor (rain measuring cylinder), data transmission device, storage battery, solar panel, support, etc. The equipment can send rainfall data in the form of wireless remote transmission, and can send data to the monitoring platform wireless remote. Log on the Internet of things platform to view real-time data and historical records, remote data of rainfall stations reported interval, data reception, sending equipment, set parameters, such as whether to empty data, including rainfall condition, rainfall data of interval data acquisition, the rainfall, rainfall days week of rainfall, rainfall, monthly rainfall, annual rainfall, etc., The data sent to the platform can be directly exported to the desktop EXCEL table for further data analysis and processing.

sensor detector


1, do not install any software, modern monitoring platform, when there is rain to receive the transmission of rainfall data, when there is no rain into a dormant state, simple and practical;

2. In addition to sending rainfall data after the start and end of rainfall, rainfall data will also be automatically reported according to the set data reporting interval during a single rainfall;

3, The rainfall monitoring station automatic statistics of rainfall data, automatic calculation of accumulated rainfall every N minutes, every N minutes after the start of recalculation, and automatic accumulation of rainfall, daily rainfall, weekly rainfall, monthly rainfall, annual rainfall and other data, multiple data can be directly copied to EXCEL table; (N is time interval)

4. During data upload, if the data fails to be sent, the device will automatically cache the data locally. When the network is restored, multiple cached data will be sent to the specified data at a time.

5, SMS setting function, users can log in the Internet of Things platform (web page), send SMS setting parameters to the equipment, realize the remote control of rainfall monitoring station, easy to use;

6. The platform supports multiple sites, which can effectively meet the needs of users for multi-site prediction, monitoring and statistics;

7, the machine is small in size, equipped with 2.3m stainless steel bracket, solar panels and ABS rain gauge cylinder, easy to carry, transport, easy to install;

8, carefully designed rainfall sensor, good linearity, high measurement accuracy, long transmission distance, anti-interference ability;

9, built-in filter circuit, can effectively filter the interference signal;

10, the sensor shell is made of ABS material, with strong environmental resistance, little influence by acid and alkali, rust resistance, good appearance quality, high finish, small error caused by stagnant water;

11. The supporting system of the tipping bucket component of the sensor is well manufactured, and the friction resistance moment is small, so the tipping bucket component is sensitive, stable performance and reliable work;

12, the chassis of the sensor is equipped with a horizontal adjustment bubble, which can assist the bottom Angle to adjust the equipment to the levelness.

Product advantages:

Long standby: can work continuously for 5 years without changing the battery

‍ABS material ‍ : corrosion resistance, long-term stability and stability

Metal ‍ material: solid and stable, durable

Wireless monitoring: wireless data transmission, remote real-time monitoring

Unattended: all-weather automatic monitoring, without special personnel on duty (note: click to jump to related products)