CO gas sensor detects CO concentration

CO gas sensor detects CO concentration

​The electrochemical CO gas sensor independently developed by JXCT has been widely used in civil, industrial and atmospheric environment monitoring fields.


Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odourless, tasteless, and poorly soluble gas produced by the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing substances. The density of gas under standard condition is L. 25g/L, which is very small compared with the density of air (1.293g/L under standard condition), which is also one of the factors that can easily cause poisoning.

CO gas sensor is an important component to realize carbon monoxide monitoring, mainly using semiconductor principle, infrared selective absorption principle and electrochemical principle. The electrochemical CO gas sensor has many advantages, such as high sensitivity, simple structure and low power consumption, and has been widely used in industrial, commercial and civil fields.

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CO gas sensor application field:

1. Coal mine safety monitoring

Carbon monoxide is a flammable and toxic gas, and its concentration is one of the important indicators of spontaneous combustion fire in coal mines, and also an important factor leading to fatal accidents such as poisoning. China's coal mine safety regulations clearly require that CO gas sensors should be used to monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide gas in real time in main roadway, return air roadway, coal mining face, driving face, goaf and other places, and alarm should be made when the concentration of carbon monoxide gas reaches or exceeds the pre-set danger value.

2. Fire monitoring

When the fire occurs, the gas combustion products are mainly carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and so on. The gas generation is tens of minutes to several hours earlier than the combustion smoke. Carbon monoxide is a hallmark of very early fires in the fire process, and almost every substance produces inadequately burned carbon monoxide, especially in the smouldering stage of the fire. And carbon monoxide is less dense than air, making it easier to float overhead and be detected, providing early warning. Carbon monoxide sensing is therefore ideal for early fire detection, capturing fires at an earlier time.

3. Smart gas water heater

In the new type of intelligent security gas water heater, carbon monoxide is mainly used for real-time monitoring of the internal and external gas environment of the machine, so as to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide leakage and poisoning caused by inadequate gas combustion in family life.

Once a carbon monoxide leak is detected, an audible and visual alarm will be sent immediately, and the leak information will be sent to the bound mobile phone at the same time for timely processing.

4. Environmental monitoring of underground garage

General ground vehicle garages mainly accumulate a lot of carbon monoxide gas because of insufficient combustion of gasoline when the engine is idling. Underground garages belong to a closed environment, and the exhaust gas emitted by vehicles is not easy to discharge. It not only leads to pungent smell in the garage, but also damages people's health, and seriously endangers life safety.

In recent years, the national supervision of carbon monoxide concentration in underground garages has become increasingly strict, requiring that underground garages and parking lots should be equipped with air supply and exhaust systems and replaced with fresh air. The carbon monoxide content in underground garages should be lower than 25ppm in the long term and not higher than 50ppm in the short term.

The electrochemical CO gas sensor independently developed by JXCT has been widely used in civil, industrial and atmospheric environment monitoring fields.

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