• Introduction of micro ambient air quality monitoring station

    JXCT 2022-04-29 13:35:38 Publication 228 Read

    Micro ambient air quality monitoring station is used to provide real-time and accurate monitoring of outdoor air pollutants. Adopt energy-saving power supply to reduce energy consumption, or choose mains power.

  • Significance of NO gas sensor detection

    JXCT 2022-03-17 15:38:16 Publication 235 Read

    NO (nitric oxide) is a colorless, odorless, toxic gas that is difficult to dissolve in water. NO gas sensor can be used for NO detection.

  • CO gas sensor monitors CO gas

    JXCT 2021-12-29 16:37:50 Publication 21 Read

    CO gas sensor is an important component to realize carbon monoxide monitoring, mainly using semiconductor principle, infrared selective absorption principle and electrochemical principle.

  • CO gas sensor detects CO concentration

    JXCT 2021-12-23 15:35:09 Publication 17 Read

    ​The electrochemical CO gas sensor independently developed by JXCT has been widely used in civil, industrial and atmospheric environment monitoring fields.

  • Good weather stations help school teaching

    JXCT 2021-11-10 16:18:11 Publication 6 Read

    Learning the knowledge related to meteorological change is a required course in every school. But it's not enough to just read about it in a book. You have to actually get in touch with a weather station and start observing it.

  • Daily maintenance of portable gas sensor

    JXCT 2021-11-04 16:39:05 Publication 17 Read

    Portable gas sensor is used to detect hypoxia, explosion and other toxic and dangerous situations and can send an alarm detection instrument, used for protection.

  • Daily maintenance of portable gas detector

    JXCT 2021-10-22 16:14:12 Publication 1 Read

    The portable gas detector is a detection instrument used to detect hypoxia, explosion and other toxic and dangerous conditions and can send out an alarm.

  • Nitrogen oxides in the air

    JXCT 2021-10-22 16:00:55 Publication 13 Read

    Naturally emitted nitrogen oxides mainly come from the decomposition of organic matter in the soil and the ocean, and belong to the natural nitrogen cycle process.

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