• The role of water quality monitoring stations

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    Water is a vital resource for all living organisms, and its quality is of utmost importance for human health and the environment. Water quality monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and sustainability of water bodies. One essential tool used for this purpose is water quality monitoring​ stations.

  • Water quality monitoring stations ensuring safe water supply

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    This article will explore the key role of water quality monitoring stations in ensuring a safe water supply.

  • Introduction of floating water quality monitoring system

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    Floating water quality monitoring system is applied in river, lake, reservoir, such as offshore waters in the basin of the scene in water quality monitoring laboratory, is based on water quality detector as the core, adopting the modern sensor technology, combined with buoy body, power supply system, data transmission equipment of small water quality monitoring stations can be placed in the waters. It can continuously and automatically monitor the change of water quality of the measured water body, record the change of water quality, find the abnormal change of water quality in time, and then realize the water pollution forecast of the water body or downstream, and study the law of water diffusion and self-purification. To master water quality and pollutant flux, prevent and cure water pollution accidents, and provide technical services for environmental protection management departments.

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